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Extra Speed Blog Example

Lazy Load Google Maps demo

This is test page for my plugin “Lazy Load Google Maps”. Scripts, Images and etc will loading after scroll only. For this reason I put “Lorem Ipsum” text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed facilisis dapibus orci, non imperdiet sapien elementum in. Mauris consequat aliquet ligula, eget tincidunt ex vehicula nec. Vestibulum […]

Test images for optimize

Without a doubt, the quality of compress depends from content of picture. For this reason, in my testing I`ll use 3 images: nature, city and face. 1 – Nature (376 Kb). Just field with sunflowers, because it like Ukrainian flag. 2 – City (300 Kb). Photo of nighty Kyiv, because it just beautiful city. 3 […]